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Lubricant Industries Complex Workshop in Yanbu Industrial City
4 August 2016
Royal Commission at Yanbu organized a lubricant industries complex workshop at the presence of Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Commission in Yanbu on behalf Engineer Hamed Bin Khader Sabieh and in the presence of representatives of industrial companies and private sector officials and held at King Fahd cultural center. CEO on behalf declared that Commission Royal Commission in Yanbu has made huge achievements in which a brief period and today represents the cornerstone of the manufacturing economy in the Kingdom, which is in line with vision 2030 of the Kingdom with the economic plan for the city of Yanbu, and noted that Yanbu Industrial city has entered a Read more>>
memorandum of cooperation between the Royal Commission in Yanbu and the Shanghai Chemical Industries Park
2 June 2016
Royal Commission in Yanbu signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park and the aim of this cooperation is to exchange experiences and discuss on investment opportunities in the field of chemical industries between the two parties. The memorandum of understanding signing Read more>>
The Third Session of the Sixth Annual Industrialists Forum was under the title of Industrial Investment and Initiatives
1 June 2016
Saudi Arabian Industrial Investment Company Started the session by giving a brief about the new Company and what their main strategic plans and what type of joint venture they are seeking which are related to these sectors ( Power and Utility ? Automotive ? Marine Industries ? Commercial Aviation) and then outcomes of the these investment been clarified that they generate many high paid jobs and transfer the technology and know-how which increase the National GDP that is a main goal of Saudi Arabia 2030 Vision. Attracting investments in the manufacturing of rubber was Read more>>
The second Session of the Sixth Annual Industrialists Forum was under the title of Supporting Competitiveness Initiatives for Industrial Sector at Saudi Arabia
1 June 2016
SAGIA began the second session with the definition of the main functions and the most important task is to improve the investment environment to attract investments across a number of SAGIA initiatives The National Competitiveness Acceleration Program. The Second subject was about the Royal Commission in Yanbu Multi-Model Logistic Hub Initiative project and it?s compatibility with the National Vision 2030 m logistics region through increase the exploitation of the strategic Read more>>
The first Session of the Sixth Annual Industrialists Forum was under the title of national transformation and industrial sector
1 June 2016
The opening speech started by Dr. Alaa Abdullah Nassif in which he welcomed the participants, noting that Saudi Arabia 2030 Vision related to Royal Commission in Yanbu in particular on a number of pillars that adequate to Yanbu industrial City which promising a best future and these pillars based on three unique competitive advantages to Saudi Arabia, The role of Saudi Arabia in the Arab and Islamic worlds, the leading investment capabilities and the strategic geographical location of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, pointing out that the Royal Commission in Yanbu implemented many of these pillars in 2013 as part of the economic plan for 2030, which is still under progress, as the kingdom's vision is based on three pillars are vibrant society and a thriving economy and an ambitious nation, emphasizing that the kingdom's 2030 Vision seeking to create sustainable environmental by increasing the effectiveness of waste management and the establishment of recycling projects and reduce all types of pollution, Royal Commission in Yanbu will collaboration with its partner "Ma Read more>>

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