How to buy Investment Opportunity Brochure in Yanbu Industrial City?

(1) Visit the investment portal: http://investors.rcyanbu.gov.sa/View/Current-Projects.aspx (2) View investment opportunities. (3) Register: http://investors.rcyanbu.gov.sa (4) Submit a request to purchase a brochure and obtain a payment invoice. (5) Pay the bill through bank channels. (6) Download the brochure by entering the number of the paid invoice. (7) View the investment brochure.

How to submit Investment Opportunity Brochure in Yanbu Industrial City?

The brochures can be submitted by handing them in a sealed envelope to the Investor Relations Department.

Does Royal Commission at Yanbu offer loans?

Royal Commission in Yanbu does not provide industrial loans, but the investor can apply to the Saudi Industrial Development Fund via the following link: https://www.sidf.gov.sa/

How to apply for Industrial Investment in Yanbu Industrial City?

(1) Visit the investment portal and download the Industrial Investment Application Guide: https://investors.rcyanbu.gov.sa/View/IndustrialInvestment.aspx (2) Register in the investment portal: https://investors.rcyanbu.gov.sa (3) Go to the industrial investment application service and fill in the initial information and to upload required documents. (4) The initial application will be reviewed by RCY. (5) Complete the industrial site allocation requirements. (6) RCY will Review the site allocation requirements to allocate a suitable industrial site. (7) Sign a conditional allocation contract to start the engineering and environmental procedures. (8) Sign a lease contract to start construction procedures.

How can I register at Investors Portal?

(1) Click on "Sign Up" link at the top of the page. (2) Enter Your Mobile Number, Email & Security Code Then Click Submit. (3) Enter the verification SMS code from your mobile number for activation. (4) Fill-up profile information that include user name and password.

Does Royal Commission at Yanbu has qualified Engineering Consultant Offices?

Yes, there are qualified Engineering Consultant Offices please visit https://investors.rcyanbu.gov.sa/View/Consultant-List.aspx to view qualified Engineering Consultant Offices list.

Are there staff who can assist me in submitting Requests?

Yes, please call us on 966-14-321-6363 or by email ird@rcyanbu.gov.sa

What are the documents required to submit to apply for industrial land?

(1) Prefeasibility Study Raw Material (2) Facility information (3) A brief overview of the project (4) Utilities Needs (5) Ministry of Investment License for foreign Investors: https://www.misa.gov.sa